Your Questions Answered: CanXida With Other Medication, CanXida Adrenal Fatigue & Secretory Iga Is Low As Elastase-1

Question: I would try CANXIDA but I do not know if I could take it with my seizure medications. I tried most of the other herbs you recommended but because I can’t take grapefruit juice I would like to know if grapefruit seed extract is the same.Please send a reply as I have tried about everything.

The main compounds found in grapefruit seeds are limonoids and naringenin. These intensely powerful compounds act as antimicrobials and antioxidants, eradicating dangerous microbes and protecting the body against excessive oxidation stress. Grapefruit juice and possibly other grapefruit products, including grapefruit seed extract, are known to interact with certain drugs and may lead to serious adverse reactions. Common medications that may interact with grapefruit include blood thinners, statins, drugs that treat abnormal heart rhythm, and antihistamines. If you’re considering the use of GSE in treatment of internal gut dysbiosis, make sure to consult your physician about possible interactions with your seizure medication. The most important antifungals to include are Pau d’Arco, oregano, Uva Ursi, caprylic acid, biotin and Gymnema sylvestre. Its best to cycle between each to avoid generating resistance.

Since CanXida Remove might not be reccommended in your case you can still benefit from taking a high quality probiotic that contains multiple benficial strains that target Candida including lactobacillus Acidophillus and Bifidobacterium. Probiotics also create an unfavorable environment for yeast to grow by lowering the pH of the gut and directly overcrowding the yeast preventing it from growing. It also contain systemic enzymes which help to eradicate excess yeast by destroying its biofilms while digestive enzymes help improve digestion. You can also add natural antifungal foods as part of a healthy low sugar low inflammatory diet to starve the yeast. Avoid refined grains, added sugars, alcohol, dairy and processed foods. Foods with antifungal properties to include are coconut oil, garlic, onion, ginger, bone broth, turmeric, and cinnamon. You can also add a multivitamin like CanXida Rebuild to support the gut barrier and increase gut immunity.

Question: I’m 70 years old and I’m tired all the time. What do I do?” Though I think I am a young 70, I am tired most of the time. Blood reports usually look good, but this Candidiasis thing must be the cause. I DID purchase a 2 pack of the Candida remover. I’ve taken 3 tabs a day and finished 1 bottle. I haven’t noticed any difference from taking it. I was on Nystatin on and off for a year. I don’t think I experienced any die off from either one. Though on the Nystatin I noticed a little less fatigue and my main other system which is feeling flushed/hot in my face. Before the Nystatin I had months of fatigue where I had to take Tylenol and some Ativan and take a nap almost every day.. I eat very little dairy, no artificial colors or flavors. I eat non-GMO and grass fed meat. I drink reverse osmosis water. About 10 pounds over weight of belly fat – I keep busy with work in the yard and a stationary bike. What is your mental health like? History of a couple of decades of Panic Attack, Agoraphobia Are you often depressed? Are you anxious? Sure, some depression, I don’t have any kids – I regret that. Also, my BFF/GF leaves for about 6 months a year to live in sunny Tucson (Chicago here is me) My anxiety hasn’t been much of an issue for years. I found out my main source of the Panic Attacks was SLEEP APNEA. Getting a CPAP over 10 years ago knocked the night terrors out and resultant daytime Panic Attacks. Most of the time I get 6 or 7 hours of sleep straight through. I might not take the 2nd bottle of the CanXda, it doesn’t seem to make any difference, though I might consider it a supplement because I take a lot of supplements and I don’t “feel” anything from them but I figure they must be doing me some good. YES I could eat less sugar in food and stop with a bit of Vodka a few nights a week.

Feeling fatigued all the time is not normal. Chronic fatigue syndrome is a condition where regardless of sleep, you feel constantly tired. Chronic fatigue is often accompanied by other symptoms such as headaches, joint pain, difficulties with memory and concentration. Often one of the main symptoms of candida overgrowth is chronic fatigue. Candida is not the only cause of chronic fatigue so always seek out help from a medical healthcare provider. A contributing factor is refined sugar and processed foods which fuel yeast overgrowth and gut dysbiosis.The gut can also be damaged by too much stress and medications. Low iron levels can lead to chronic fatigue and mood swings. B12 and iron are both absorbed in the intestines. A compromised gut allows for an overgwoth of yeast and bad bacteria which deplete many nutrients. This is why it is not uncommon to see gut dysbiosis resulting in low iron and B12.

Supplementation with these nutrients may be necessary. Nystatin is effective antifungal for treating candidiasis. Combining nystatin with natural antifungals like CanXida Remove can make treatment more effective. Whichever antifungal treatment you choose, be sure to combine it with healthy lifestyle choices like regular exercise and a low-sugar, anti-Candida diet. Probiotics can increase the effectiveness of your antifungals and prevent the Candida infection from coming back. Probiotics are very important to help repopulate the gut immune system with healthy bacteria. CanXida Restore has 6 researched probiotic strains which restore the health of the gut and help overcrowd yeast like Candida. As a result of balancing gut microorganisms, probiotics also reduce inflammation, promote a healthy immune system function, and reduce damage to your gut lining (leaky gut). It also has digestive and systemic enzymes to help absorb and digest nutrients effectively and eliminate toxic byproducts of yeast helping heal leaky gut.

Question: I took Protonix, a PPI last August through early April this year and 4 rounds of antibiotics. In May started to develop host of digestive issues which my GI doctor wanted to treat with an Antibiotic. Needless to say, it left me with all sorts of digestive issues. I did a test- GI Map with Diagnostic Solutions and have a few markers suggesting SIBO. May order the breath test…but may order your protocol to see if helps. I have high Candida spa and high Klebsiella….other high markers Bacillus, Enterococcus faecalis, Staphlyoccus aureus and Streptococus app. My secretory Iga is low as Elastase-1. I believe the latter is a marker for SIBO. I did blood work and good… was a vegan plant based eater until heavy metal issues and antibiotics and protonix usage (PPI).

The acidic environment in your stomach is vital for good digestive health. Taking an antacid may relieve your short-term symptoms, but it won’t fix the long-term imbalance. Antacids may contribute to Candida and other GI infections since the acidic stomach environment is your body’s first line of defense against pathogens. Insufficient stomach acid can prevent you from digesting your food properly. This means that undigested food passes on to your small intestines which can feed yeast or cause bacterial migration to the small intestine, called SIBO. The lower valve of the stomach opens when your food is acidic enough to pass on to the small intestine. If this doesn’t happen quickly pressure can build up in the stomach and that’s how stomach acid can end up causing reflux. Because of your high fiber diet and history of PPI use you may benefit from Betaine HCL to supplement stomach acid. Other measures might include changing your diet and eating habits to chew more, and not rushing your meals.

Eliminating antacid medication is a great step to take. Instead, use supplements that will support your body’s own digestive processes, like digestive bitters (can make your stomach release more gastric juice), pepsin (to aid protein digestion), and digestive enzymes. You can additionally add a good probiotic like CanXida Restore with 6 beneficial probiotics and 7 digestive enzymes that help improve digestion by allowing the breakdown and absorption of nutrients as well as reducing digestive symptoms like bloating and gas. SIBO is often diagnosed with a specific breath test. If you have been diagnosed with SIBO there is a more specific diet called low FODMAP. This diet is designed to help figure out which foods are problematic. Speak with a health professional or naturopath if you want to follow the low FODMAP elimination diet.

Disclaimer: This article intends to provide general insights and may not apply to individual cases. It is essential to consult with a healthcare professional to ensure that any vitamin supplementation.