Your Questions Answered: Candida Due To Age, Doctors Candida Supplement & Stool Test

Question: I am 72 years old and I have few questions for your canxida in-house experts. First, is candida something common for people my age? Second question, could candida symptoms that i am experiencing are just due to aging? Thank you.

So your first question is Candida common for people in their 70s?

Candida overgrowth can occur at any age. While it’s not exclusive to any particular age group, certain factors can increase susceptibility in older adults. These factors include weakened immune systems, prolonged use of medications such as antibiotics, or health conditions like diabetes. So, while Candida overgrowth isn’t necessarily “common” in older adults, certain circumstances can make some individuals more prone to it than others.

Second questions, could the symptoms I’m experiencing simply be due to aging?

The symptoms of Candida overgrowth can indeed mimic some common signs of aging, such as fatigue, joint pain, or cognitive issues. However, if you’re experiencing symptoms like recurring fungal infections, digestive issues, or other specific Candida-related symptoms, it might not simply be attributed to aging. It’s essential to differentiate between the two to ensure proper care and treatment.

To fully address your health concerns and get a clear understanding of what might be causing your symptoms, it would be beneficial to consult with a healthcare professional or a specialist. They can provide guidance tailored to your unique situation and help determine whether Candida or another underlying issue is causing your symptoms.

Question: What do doctors think about taking Candida supplements?

It really depends. If you have a Candida issue and your doctor is familiar with our products, they will be in a position to determine if it’s the right solution for your case. If they aren’t aware of CanXida, you can introduce them to our range, and they can evaluate it accordingly. However, it’s important to remember that every doctor is different. That’s why at CanXida, we encourage those facing Candida problems to consult a specialist who has vast experience with this condition. Such specialists often have a broader perspective and are open to considering a variety of treatment strategies. If you are dealing with a severe case or are on other medications, seeking out a Candida specialist becomes even more critical. Meanwhile, our extensive library of articles and videos is available for those keen on a self-help approach.

Question: Are there any tests I should take before starting a supplement?

Yes, at CanXida, we recommend taking a stool test for Candida before starting any supplement. You can watch our comprehensive list of videos on topic of stool analysis on our YouTube channel.

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