Natural Antifungals, Antibacterials & Anti-Parasite Supplements Vs Probiotics (& Why You Want To Take BOTH At The Same Time)

Many people believe that if you take a probiotic and an antifungal or antibacterial together, the probiotic is going to be canceled out by the antifungal product. This is not true.

In fact antifungals, antibacterials & probiotics work better together, not against each other.

Particularly if you take an antifungal or antibacterial that contains only natural ingredients. Such as aged garlic extract and oregano oil. Because as we explain in THIS post, natural antifungals don’t harm beneficial bacteria. They only harm yeast.

You don’t even need to take antifungals and probiotics apart. You can swallow both at the same time.

That way as the antifungal travels through your digestive system clearing away yeast cells, the probiotic is right there & REPLACES them with the exact beneficial bacteria that keeps the yeast from coming back.

Remember, cleansing the gut isn’t only able killing yeast, bad bacteria & parasites. Think about what had to happen for you to get sick. The good bacteria had to go, either due to antibiotics, eating the wrong foods, stress, alcohol, etc.

“Bad guys” can’t multiply much in an environment with high levels of good bacteria like lactobacillus.

Think about it. If you only take antifungals and ignore probiotics, what’s there to stop the bad guys from just coming back when you stop taking that antifungal? Nothing.

Can you take probiotics only and ignore antifungals?

You can but you’ll slow down your recovery.

The whole point of taking supplements for candida is to speed up your recovery. So there’s really no reason to only choose one. Sure you’ll save a bit of money but is it really worth if it means having to deal with candida symptoms for an extra 2 to 6 months?

Antifungals and probiotics work synergistically.

That means you’ll get better results if you take both.