Is it Necessary to Eliminate All Fruits from the Candida Diet?

At CanXida, we often encounter this frequently asked question: “Should I avoid all fruits on candida diet?” It’s a valid concern and one we’ve addressed multiple times, both through email interactions and during our in-person consultations.

For those embarking on a dietary journey to address specific health concerns, it is generally wise to be cautious with fruit consumption, especially during the initial 14 to 21 days. During this period, it’s recommended to limit intake of sweeter fruits such as oranges, most apple varieties known for their high sugar content, dried fruits, grapes, and figs. These are commonly preferred snack options but might not be ideal during the early stages of the diet.

However, not all fruits need to be restricted. Fruits like blueberries, along with other berry varieties, are often well-tolerated due to their alkaline and tart nature. Other fruits that are generally considered acceptable include avocados, Granny Smith apples, limes, and lemons. Some individuals might also find they can incorporate pineapple and grapefruits, especially when paired with a drop or two of grapefruit seed extract.

There’s a spectrum of advice available online regarding fruit consumption, ranging from avoiding all fruits to indulging in them freely. In our book, we provide detailed information on fruit consumption, highlighting which fruits are high in fructose and offering guidance on the best ways to reintroduce them during the later stages of the diet.

We hope this provides clarity on the topic of fruit consumption. Thank you for seeking our expertise, and we wish you success on your dietary journey!


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