CanXida Expert Interview: Bridget MacDonald

We are excited to share an insightful interview with Bridget MacDonald, RDN, LDN, whose early exposure to the world of nutrition was deeply influenced by her family’s experiences with type 1 diabetes. Bridget’s interest in nutrition sparked from observing her mother’s proactive approach in managing the health of her father and sister.

In this interview, Bridget recounts her growing fascination with how various foods impact the body, a journey that led her to become a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist and Licensed Dietitian Nutritionist. Her unique perspective is shaped by both personal experiences and professional expertise.

Join us as we explore Bridget MacDonald’s path from a curious observer in a health-conscious household to a dedicated professional in the field of nutrition, understanding the intricate ways in which food choices can influence health and well-being.

1. Could you share a bit about your journey into naturopathy/nutrition? What inspired you to pursue this field?

When I was growing up both my father and my sister had type 1 diabetes. My mom was very proactive with caring for them and their health and consequently started learning everything she could about nutrition. As I got older I became interested in how different foods affect the body, I found it fascinating

2. How do you approach treatment plans for your patients? What role do you believe natural supplements play in these plans?

I approach my clients where they are at. We all have different lifestyles, goals and challenges, I take a deep dive into my clients lives and in the challenges they are facing and find out their “why”. Then we work together to make small changes to instill healthier habits. Natural supplements are usually a part of the plan to boost the healing process.

3. In your view, how important is a holistic approach to health and wellness, and how do you integrate this into your practice?

A holistic approach to each client is imperative. I look at the whole person that I’m working with and we create goals together so they are a part of the process. My focus is nutrition, however, we also look at sleep, stress, and mental health as well, these are all pieces to the puzzle and all contribute to the clients overall success

4. What are some common health issues you encounter in your practice? How do you address these with natural therapies?

Most of my clients come to me with autoimmune conditions. We address these issues with proper nutrition to bring down inflammation and calm the immune system. When appropriate supplements are sometimes utilized to help the process.

5. How do you perceive the connection between gut health and overall wellness? Could you share your insights on this?

We are learning so much about the gut microbiome and it’s role in health, specifically the immune system. With my autoimmune clients this is usually where we start – healing the gut, changing the dysbiosis and restoring the gut flora.

6. What general dietary and nutrition advice do you often find yourself giving to your patients?

If there is one overall takeaway for every person I see it’s “eat your veggies”. Plant foods have such an overwhelmingly positive affect on our bodies.

7. When introducing supplements into a patient’s regimen, what key factors do you consider?

The key factors for introducing supplements to patients is finding out if there are any nutritional deficiencies in their diet and then covering those. Additionally I look at any supplements that have scientific evidence to help the condition that the client is suffering from and work to find reputable companies that have supplements and suggest the correct dosage for those.

8. Without disclosing personal details, could you share a memorable success story from your practice involving natural treatments?

I am very blessed to say that there are so many success stories! Working with clients that have autoimmune conditions is very rewarding because typically clients are dealing with several conditions and have a great deal of discomfort. Because the immune system response so well to nutritional intervention I find that most of my clients find a great deal of relief from pain and other symptoms and many go into remission.

9. What are some challenges you face in the field of naturopathy/nutrition, and how do you overcome them?

The challenges that I face are typically from false information or blanket statements that are pushed on social media or through the internet. Many clients come to me with lots of questions about things that they have seen and read, cutting through that confusion is probably the biggest challenge.

10. Where do you see the future of naturopathy and functional medicine heading?

I see the future of naturopathy and functional medicine exploding! I think as a whole our nation is realizing that what we put in our bodies has a direct correlation to our health and how we feel. More and more people are wanting to move away from medications to treat conditions because of the side effects that they have and rather are moving towards more natural ways to restore their health. I think we’ll start to see more partnerships between conventional medicine and naturopathy.

11. What personal wellness practices or routines do you follow to maintain your own health?

I definitely practice what I preach as I have a strong family history of many different autoimmune disorders and am constantly working on preventing these from occurring in my own body. I take a probiotic to keep my microbiome healthy and strive to keep plant foods the focus of my diet. I also take my sleep seriously and have a dedicated sleep routine to make sure my body gets the rest it needs.

12. Finally, what advice would you give to individuals aspiring to enter the field of naturopathy or nutrition?

I would encourage anyone who is looking to enter the field of nutrition. It’s a fantastically rewarding profession and I believe it will continue to grow leaps and bounds in the coming years.

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